Visiting a patient

Veldzicht is situated in Balkbrug (municipality of Hardenberg). It is possible to visit a patient who has been admitted to Veldzicht. Visiting arrangements differ from one ward to another and are sometimes different for each patient. We therefore advise you to contact the ward on which the patient is staying. You can do this by calling our general telephone number: +31 (0)88 – 0742800. Please note: appointments should be made at least two days in advance!

Veldzicht is a secure institution. That means visitors are subject to additional security measures. You must have a valid identity document (passport, ID card or driving licence) on you at all times. During your visit you may be asked to put your mobile phone, tablet and/or laptop in a locker. Your bag and coat will be scanned and you will also have to pass through a detection gate yourself.

We understand that these security measures may be inconvenient for you. However, they are needed to guarantee your safety and that of others.