Undocumented persons

An undocumented patient does not hold a residence permit. Such persons are also referred to as illegal aliens. In some cases their residence permit may have expired or they may be asylum seekers who have exhausted all appeals.

Certain individuals may be victims of human trafficking and afraid of reporting this to the police or they may have become stateless as their country has ceased to exist. At Veldzicht such patients are an extremely diverse group. These are people who have little to no chance of being granted asylum in the Netherlands and who are (suspected to be) suffering from psychiatric problems.

Just like asylum seekers, undocumented persons are exposed to a high risk of psychiatric issues. Uncertainty regarding their stay in the Netherlands, their accommodation and their limited rights are a source of considerable stress. The most common psychiatric disorders are: PTSS (post-traumatic stress syndrome), depression, confusion and suicidality. Sometimes these are combined with a psychiatric or personality disorder.

Undocumented persons with psychiatric problems can obtain a referral for treatment at Veldzicht via the Medical Support Project for Undocumented Persons (Medisch Opvangproject Ongedocumenteerden) and the Municipal Health Service (GGD) in Rotterdam. This may take place on a voluntary basis or may be a compulsory measure imposed by means of a detention order or court authorisation. Undocumented patients are supported to prepare them for life in a shelter. Repatriation to their country of origin is also possible.