Transcultural FACT team

Veldzicht’s Transcultural FACT (Flexible Assertive Community Treatment) team provides care in locations outside the Veldzicht site. It offers support, guidance and treatment to psychiatric patients who have the status of aliens (whether or not under a forensic care order imposed in criminal proceedings), asylum seekers or undocumented persons and who are potentially suffering from psychiatric problems.

Our team supports psychiatric patients themselves and institutions in which patients are staying. By offering help at an early stage at the individual’s own institution, we aim to avoid a situation in which people with psychiatric problems have to be detained at Veldzicht. We also offer follow-up care to patients who have stayed at Veldzicht temporarily as part of the process of preparing them to return to society or the referring institution.

Contact detailsKantoor Huize de Beuk
Ommerweg 5
NL-7707 AS Balkbrug

Veldzicht’s Transcultural FACT team can be contacted 24/7 on telephone number +31 (0)88 – 074 30 75, including for emergency consultations.