Other forensic care patients

After a crime has been committed and a court has given its judgment, the person convicted is sometimes placed in a regular psychiatric institution. If it becomes clear that a forensic patient cannot be managed there, he or she is transferred to Veldzicht.

The Other Forensic Care ward is characterised by the wide range of forensic care orders under which the psychiatric patients may have been placed. The treatment we provide focuses in particular on reducing the risk of reoffending and treating the psychiatric disorder.

Many of the patients on this ward lack certain skills and suffer from personality disorders. Often they are also affected by addiction problems and borderline personality disorder, sometimes in combination with an antisocial personality disorder. When treating these patients Veldzicht works closely with the Dutch Probation Service and Transfore, an organisation that treats people exhibiting transgressive behaviour.

Our West 6 ward has space for 12 patients, some of whom are permitted to go outside the centre. The ultimate aim of the treatment is to enable these patients to re-enter Dutch society or return to their original institution.