Intensive mental healthcare patients

Within the regular mental healthcare sector there are sometimes patients who do not benefit sufficiently from a group-oriented approach. Their behaviour disrupts the group process and they put the safety of other patients and employees at risk. Such patients can be admitted to Veldzicht on a temporary basis for individual, intensive treatment and support.

In many cases these are patients suffering from mood disorders, psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and drug-induced psychosis, or personality disorders. Some may have a slight intellectual disability or an autistic disorder, accompanied by antisocial, threatening and violent behaviour.

The treatment given at Veldzicht focuses on reducing the risks for patients and their environment. We stabilise patients over a period that usually lasts for three to six months. The mental healthcare institution from which the patient has been referred retains control over the treatment and the patient returns there with a new treatment strategy.

Intensive mental healthcare patients stay on wards West 7 or 8. Here we are able to accommodate 20 patients in total. Patients have the freedom to go outside the centre if this is in keeping with their treatment and the level of risk is acceptable.