Daily programme

The daily programme organised within the Veldzicht Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry has a global character. Patients learn skills that contribute to their personal development and can be put into practice in any country.

By offering activities within a fixed structure, we work to develop a healthy day and night routine. This is a fundamental factor that helps us stabilise patients. It creates certainty for them and brings a degree of calm to their day-to-day lives.

Some patients are given lessons in reading and arithmetic, which helps them understand and follow social developments in their country of origin. Our library and digital media facilities have taken on an increasingly important role. Patients read books in their own language and stay in touch with their families over the internet. We also organise group film evenings when they can watch films from their country of origin.

Thanks to the large grounds and many different working areas at Veldzicht, there are plenty of jobs that patients can get involved in. They maintain the garden, do chores and take care of the cleaning, for example. They also look after animals, repair bicycles and learn general skills that every employee needs. All these activities will be beneficial later in life, whichever country they end up in.

Providing a programme of activities is therefore a fundamental goal of the treatment we offer at Veldzicht and helps patients move forward in a capable and safe manner.