Aliens under administrative law

An alien who has been ordered to leave the Netherlands, but is failing to do so of his or her own volition, is placed in detention for the purpose of deportation. The government regards this measure as a last resort to ensure the alien remains available and can be returned to his or her country of origin.

The Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI) is responsible for ensuring that aliens being held in detention centres are looked after as well as possible, supported to prepare them for their return and kept available for deportation from the Netherlands. Veldzicht is part of the DJI.

Aliens being held in detention for the purpose of deportation are governed by administrative rather than criminal law, specifically the 2000 Aliens Act. This Act lays down provisions relating to the entry, admission, supervision and deportation of aliens. The administrative nature of the measure is reflected in the way the detention is organised: internally individuals are granted as much freedom of movement as possible, while ensuring that order and security are maintained.

Sometimes a psychiatric disorder prevents an alien from staying in a detention centre. At Veldzicht we can accommodate such persons on ward West 5a, where we have space for 6 patients in total. The treatment provided at Veldzicht is geared towards helping the individual return to the detention centre. In a small number of cases Veldzicht accompanies aliens when they go back to their country of origin.

Due to their status, these patients do not have any freedom outside Veldzicht. They are therefore not permitted to leave the site.