Aliens under a hospital order

These patients have been admitted under a hospital order (TBS). That means they have committed a crime and have been declared to have diminished or no responsibility for their actions as a result of a psychological disorder. There is also a risk that the delinquent behaviour will be repeated. Due to the crime they have committed, these patients have lost their residency status in the Netherlands.

This puts them in a complex situation, as it will be impossible for them to complete their treatment under the hospital order. After all, to complete such a treatment, patients need to be able to re-enter Dutch society. This is not possible if they have lost their residency status, as they will be required to leave the country. Veldzicht treats such patients, but at the end of their treatment prepares them for their return to their country of origin.

At Veldzicht we have many years of experience of repatriating aliens under a hospital order and have access to an extensive international network of care providers. Our social workers are closely involved in the repatriation process. The patient is transferred to a care institution or to his or her family in the country of origin.

Our Parterre and Noord wards can accommodate 30 aliens under a hospital order. Their status means they are not permitted to move freely within Dutch society. For that reason they are not allowed to go outside the centre and do not leave the secure ring of the Veldzicht site.

Would you like to find out more about the hospital order (TBS)?TBS Nederland is an initiative organised by the forensic psychiatric centres and hospitals in the Netherlands. On this site you will find information (in Dutch) about the hospital order and how the issues of treatment and security are handled within the framework of such measures.